In 2016 approximately 60,000 m² commercial spaces have been sold and successfully let. During the period 2015/2016 we processed a transaction volume of about 400 million EUR. Our first real estate shop opened at the Körnerplatz in Dresden. At the end of the year all asset management activities were reorganized as a separate company.
Markets continue to flourish, the transaction volume reaches a record level, 33,000 m² of leased commercial space, brokerage of several large-scale project developments in Dresden and special properties in Berlin, recruitment of further staff
High demand for real estate assets extends to all B markets, brokerage of more than 500 apartments either under construction or still in the planning phase in Dresden to various institutional investors, development of the "exclusive accommodation" business segment and successful marketing of some well-known Dresden villas
Consolidation at a high level, continuous expansion of the apartment house business segment, renting and selling of almost 20,000 m² of commercial space in Dresden, acquisition of a purchase mandate from a Swiss family office with a purchase volume of EUR 100 million for Berlin and the wealthy commuter belt surrounding it
Opening and expansion of the Berlin branch located at Schlüterstraße 49 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, increase in the number of asset management mandates with the remit of managing and developing almost 40,000 m² of commercial space in Dresden, further increase in staffing
Takeover of the residual shares by Michael Oertel; restructuring and reorientation of the company; most successful business year in the company's history; realisation of two top deals with an individual volume of more than EUR 25 million each; transaction volume of EUR 120 million
Upswing and slow recovery of the markets; further expansion of the supra-regional real estate brokerage activities; increasing transaction volume; 23 employees
Hard year of consolidation; optimisation of all areas; the transaction volume decreases to EUR 45 million; further recruitment of staff; successful brokerage activities in Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg
19 employees; move with all companies to the new company building in Tiergartenstraße 46 near Großer Garten in Dresden; Lehman crisis in the middle of the year with markets grinding to a halt
Prosperous market situation; further development of the individual teams; transaction volume of EUR 120 million; 17 salaried employees; best year in the company's history; more supra-regional sales in Regensburg, Gera, Leipzig, Altenburg
Further increase in staff; marked stimulation of the market and increase in the transaction volume to EUR 80 million; great successes in supra-regional brokerage; initial asset management and long-term consultancy remits; transactions in Leipzig, Brandenburg and Berlin; set-up of the property management division
  2003 - 2005
13 employees; move to larger office space in Goethealle 20 in Dresden-Blasewitz; expansion of the individual teams; slow market recovery; close-down of the Hamburg branch; sale of almost 200 Gesobau housing units in Berlin
Year of the flood in Dresden; distinct decrease in the market; most difficult year in the company's business history
  2000 / 2001
11 employees; establishment of the commercial rented property division; opening of a branch in Hamburg; further marked decline of the Dresden market; consolidation of the sales figures
9 employees; expansion of the office space and move to Maystraße 5 in Dresden-Blasewitz; opening of a branch in Berlin, Unter den Linden 21; consolidation of the transaction volume; ongoing specialisation
7 employees; last year of the special depreciation allowance for the former East German states; brokered transaction volume of DM 60 million; market leader in the field of non-renovated multi-family houses; development of the exclusive villas division
7 employees; move to a new office in Goetheallee 3 in Dresden-Blasewitz; clear structuring of the business into the exclusive accommodation, residential rentals and non-renovated multi-family house divisions; brokered transaction volume of DM 28 million
5 employees; expansion of the office; concentration on the partial markets of Striesen, Blasewitz, Weißer Hirsch; brokered transaction volume of DM 7 million; establishment of the residential rentals division
Opening of the first office in Dresden-Weißer Hirsch, Oskar-Pletsch-Straße 8; reorganisation into a limited partnership; focus on exclusive real properties and cancellation of the fund shop concept; Marten Hünich leaves the company
  Summer 1994
Marten Hünich, Michael Oertel and Rico Richert launch a company to sell investment funds, and also plan brokering real estate in addition; Marten Hünich and Rico Richert are responsible for the investment fund division and Michael Oertel for the real estate division