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Berlin - welcome to the city of opportunities

The Monocle Magazine's annual quality of life list had a surprise in store: Berlin ranks number three among the world's most liveable cities after Tokyo and Vienna! Berlin is considered a cosmopolitan city and a centre of culture, politics, the media and science. And Berlin is still growing!

Over the last ten years, existing companies and innovative start-ups have created more than 250,000 new jobs and thus reduced the city's unemployment rate by almost half. Nowhere else in the Federal Republic of Germany is the level of self-employment higher than in Berlin. Not only is it a city where the number of businesses established is particularly high in general, it also ranks top in Europe when it comes to innovative start-ups. The business scene is colourful, diverse, international and well-networked, it creates jobs and, last but not least, benefits from various governmental and organisational support programmes in Berlin.

But this is Berlin too: it has been taking a pioneering role in implementing the German act to restrict rent increases in tight housing markets, commonly called the "rent brake", and has even made the German parliament sit up and take notice of this issue again. The ill-fated Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is still incomplete and its opening has been postponed so often that some people have lost their confidence in a successful outcome at all. The building costs run into billions.

Furthermore, Berlin is »en vogue« and hip. At present, the city could not be more trendy. It attracts people from all over the world. Berlin thus finds itself in the best of company with New York, Paris, Tokyo and London. However, Berlin has something none of the other metropolitan areas cannot provide - moderate purchase and rental prices.