Dresden as a location

Dresden - a high-tech location with tradition

Over the last 25 years, the capital of the Free State of Saxony, a »hidden champion« among German cities, has evidently developed into a self-confident and economically prosperous metropolis. Dresden's appeal for guests, new inhabitants and investors from Germany and all over the world remains as high as ever. Even though the city's otherwise positive image experienced a serious setback as a result of increasing xenophobic tendencies, the Baroque city is now recovering thanks to its majority of cosmopolitan citizens.

Dresden as a high-tech and service centre at the heart of »Silicon Saxony« is extremely popular when it comes to economic development. This trend is reflected in the increasing numbers of employees and a high density of skilled labour. The world can thank the former royal residence city for numerous inventions from the coffee filter through to Odol mouthwash. Alongside the Max Planck institutes and Fraunhofer institutes, special mention should be made of the Technical University of Dresden, which was awarded the status of a German university of excellence in 2012.

The Dresden real estate market is proving to be extremely stable: the desire for property in Dresden is inspired by the record low interest rate on the capital market. A variety of project developments, particularly in the residential property area, is attributed to this trend. Compared to many other German cities, Dresden offers excellent investment opportunities. The rising, yet still relatively affordable entry-level prices, outstandingly high quality construction and a positive general economic environment draw investors.

However, opportunity and risk are two sides of the same coin. We therefore recommend that you seek professional advice if you want to invest in real estate. Please contact us. We would be happy to help in any way we can.